Winners of the Atom Apocalypse Twitter Competition

Winners of the Atom Apocalypse Twitter Competition

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Tuesday saw a flurry of Twitter activity as we taxed you all to think up the savage skill you would pick to survive the #atomapocalypse.

In Under the Never Sky, Aria is forced to acquire some savage skills pretty swiftly in the face of the hostile post-apocalyptic environment in which she suddenly finds herself.  Fortunately she has swoon-worthy savage Perry on hand to teach her some survival essentials – but Team Atom knew that, sadly, we might not be quite so lucky.

Between 10 and 5 on Tuesday 7th February, to celebrate the publicaton of Under the Never Sky, we asked you all to Tweet us your number one savage skill.  We had an amazing response, and it looks like there are some seriously creative survivors out there.  Veronica Rossi and Team Atom put our heads together for the difficult task of choosing five winning Tweets. 

Jazzmine B @jreadsalot

5 Advanced senses: hear & see extremely far & sense the chemical composition of things so there are no surprises

One more: I would love to have a much more agile digestive system to handle a wider range of vegetation & meat

Stephanie BD @StephLikesBooks

I'd have invisibility :) Because if they can't see you, they wouldn't attack you right?

Caroline  Fielding @CazApr1

my skill – to make anything edible & taste good…piece of brick anyone? Everyone would want to be in my bunker


I would want the power of chameleon skin. TO be able to disappear into my surroundings would probably save me!

Midnight Book Thief @NightBookThief

I want to be able to create my own minions! My army will be cute(lowering the guard of enemies) but viscious!

Well, I was thinking of something along the lines of Despicable Me- Small but terrible! :D

All winners will be contacted directly by AtomBooks and will receive a prize copy of Under the Never Sky.

Congratulations on your excellent survival ideas!  Veronica and Team Atom loved it!  And to get a teaser of Under the Never Sky, click on the link to read an extract.

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