Win Atom's Ultimate Halloween Reading List

Win Atom's Ultimate Halloween Reading List

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With Halloween just around the corner, we've selected a creepy set of spine-chilling young adult reads that will haunt you long after the final page is turned.

Feeling brave? Read on for our spookiest stories and a chance to win them all!

The Diviners
Take a terrifying ride into history with Printz-award winning author Libba Bray’s supernatural thriller set in 1920s New York.  As the jazz-soaked speakeasies of Manhattan throb with the hectic flapper spirit, a dark force rises in the city.  Seventeen-year-old Evie O’Neill has a disturbing secret, but she doesn’t want to think about that, not now she is making real showgirl friends.

But when young women start being found, murdered, across the city, Evie is forced to confront the truth behind her own secret – and discover an evil more terrible than she could ever have imagined.

The Crash
Mount Ghost looms high above the mysterious Grace College, and holds as many secrets as The Valley itself.  Secrets of missing students, lies and betrayal.  A student at the college, Julia has barely scratched the surface of The Valley's secrets and she's determined to discover what connects her father to the school.  The answer, she's sure, lies on Mount Ghost – so she decides to investigate an incident when students went missing there forty years ago. But the past is a dangerous place to go, as Julia is about to find out…

Read this one with the lights on, it's seriously spooky stuff!

The House of Night series has sold over a million copies in the UK already, but the next chapter is set to be the biggest yet.  With action, intrigue, and spicy romance, Zoey is back fighting the forces of darkness – after all, that's what being a bad-ass vampyre High Priestess is all about…

Halloween + a brand new House of Night novel = awesome overload.

The House at the End of the Street
This is the spine-tingling novel of Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence's super spooky new movie. Elissa and her mother move to a new town to find that they are living next door to a house where a young girl murdered her parents.  Locals claim that the girl mysteriously vanished after the incident, but as Elissa becomes close to the girl’s brother, she learns that a dark and terrible secret still lurks within those walls and the story of murder is far from over.

This story had us spooked for weeks and is the ultimate Halloween read. Watch out for an amazing twist at the end!

Because we love you so much, and we want to scare you silly, we're offering one Atom reader the chance to win a copy of all four books featured on this page. To enter, simply add your details to the form below, making sure to read our terms and conditions first.

Because these books are scary stuff, this competition is open to readers aged 14+ only.

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