Whisper of Souls – extract from brand new Michelle Zink ebook

Whisper of Souls – extract from brand new Michelle Zink ebook

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We're beyond excited that we're publishing three new ebooks from Michelle Zink this summer! All of them are eerie and atmospheric – just right for reading when you're tucked up safely at home or in the sun on holiday!

All the books are based in the same world which you can find in the Prophecy of the Sisters. But it doesn't matter if you haven't read the series – these novellas are the perfect introduction to Michelle's writing!

Because we're the nicest of people, we thought we'd let you see a little extract from the first novella…


Adelaide prowled the house, trying to escape the whispering.

Her night wanderings did not make the voices stop. Not really. They simply distracted her enough to let them fade into the corners of her mind. As she made the effort to put one foot in front of the other, to step carefully on the floorboards lest they should squeak, the whispering became a backdrop to her movements instead of the all-consuming distraction—the all-consuming temptation—that it usually was.

She made her way down the hall, past the door to Thomas’s bedchamber, and stopped outside the closed door to the nursery.

She hesitated before turning the knob and stepping into the room. It was not that she didn’t wish to see the baby. She did. But she was filled with such pain, such regret, when she looked down at his tiny body, already broken though he was too young to have taken a single step.

Still, it was only in the dark of night that she could truly look at him. In repose, he could have been any other infant. One with full use of his legs. One who had not been ruined by the weakness and shortcomings of his mother.

It was a futile delusion, but one she had not yet managed to deny herself.

She continued into the room until she came to the crib. Then, setting her hands on the rail, careful not to wake the baby or the maid who slept in the adjoining room, she gazed down at her son.

He was beautiful, his downy dark hair already curling near his small ears. He slept with one hand at his side, the other balled into a little fist near his chest. His breath wasn’t audible, but the gentle rise and fall of his chest told her that he was breathing, his cheeks pink with life, his rosebud mouth slightly open.

Reaching down, her hands tentative, she touched his foot ever so softly. It was small enough to fit into the palm of her hand, and for a moment, she was so filled with guilt and shame that she almost couldn’t breathe.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I’m so sorry, Henry.”

The doctor had said she shouldn’t have another child. The birth of the twins had almost killed her, had almost killed them. Worse, their traumatic entry into this life had changed the order of things. Had irrevocably altered the future of the prophecy of which they were all a part.

Henry had paid for her foolishness, for her love of Thomas and her desire to give him a son. For that, she would never forgive herself.

She covered him with the blanket that had been kicked to the edge of the crib.

“Good night, little one,” she said softly.

She made her way from the room, closing the door behind her.

She continued down the hall to the girls’ shared chamber, pushing open the half-closed door. She stepped across the thick carpet, one of many brought back from Thomas’s endless journeys abroad. Stopping at the edge of the bed, she lowered herself to the mattress on Lia’s side. She told herself it was because Alice was such a light sleeper. Surely if Adelaide were to sit near her, the child would wake, fixing her mother with that strange, unblinking stare.

It was this, if Adelaide were truthful, that made her sit near Lia like a coward.

The girls lay next to each other, their chestnut curls mingling on the pillows, their breath moving softly into the night air of the room. They wore matching nightdresses, white with finely detailed embroidery and violet ribbons at the neck. They could have been any pair of sisters. Any twins.

But of course, they were not.

Whisper of Souls, Mistress of Souls and Rise of Souls are three haunting novella spin-offs to Prophecy of the Sisters. Available from 15th June, 19th June and 3rd July respectively, this should be just enough to keep you going until Circle of Fire is released in paperback!

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