Veronica Rossi on her inspirations for Under the Never Sky

Veronica Rossi on her inspirations for Under the Never Sky

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We're delighted that Veronica Rossi has joined us today to tell us more about how she came to write her gripping dystopian romance, Under the Never Sky.

Middle Earth. Narnia. Hogwarts.

When I read, I want to disappear into worlds that are vastly different from mine and that push the boundaries of my imagination. I know I love a book when I look up from its pages, utterly surprised to see my own home, instead of The Shire, Diagon Alley, or the door to a magical wardrobe.

Fantastic settings transport me, but characters are what bring stories to life. Their quests for knowledge, revenge, are what keep me reading late, aching over their failures, and cheering for their victories.

Under the Never Sky is the story of teenagers from radically different worlds. Aria is a Dweller in a futuristic enclosed city. She spends most of her time in the comfort of virtual landscapes. An Outsider in a harsh environment, Peregrine’s life is primitive, dangerous and sensory. When circumstances throw them together, Aria and Perry—opposites in nearly every way—must learn to accept one another to survive. Their journey is one of discovery, adventure and romance.

My greatest hope is that—upon turning the last page—you look up and blink, bewildered by the return to your world. 

You can see more from Veronica on twitter and her website. Read about the book here.

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