Twilight Yourself!

Twilight Yourself!

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OH EM GEE! Our clever clever techie peeps have created the most awesome app ever in celebration of the White Editions of the Twilight Saga! It's the moment Twihards the world over have been longing for…you can now see what you would look like as a vampire! 

All you do is upload a photo to our special Twilight Yourself app, add sepia effect so you go all vampy-pale, decide what colour eyes you want, drop on a pair of fangs, and hey presto! Edward just bit you! (Or, like, whichever other vamp you're crushing on…)

Sound good? It does, doesn't it… What's more, you can share your pic via email, facebook and twitter so all your friends get jealous :) We've also created a special facebook album on our page for you to share your vampy pics!

Ready? Click here then!

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