Twilight sales reach two million!

Twilight sales reach two million!

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It's official folks, we've sold OVER TWO MILLION copies of Twilight! According to The Bookseller, it's only the 13th book ever to do so, which means it's celebration time at Atom Towers!

Just for fun, we thought you might like to see some of the Meyer facts we like to tell people when we're out and about (not that we like to boast):

1. In 2009 a Meyer title was sold every two seconds in one of our territories.

2. If books were people, Meyerland would have a population three times larger than Scotland.

3. If all the Meyer books Atom has ever sold were lined up on a bookshelf, it would need to be more than 500 miles long.

For the more, ahem, grown-up version of the figures, head over to The Bookseller where they go into more detail about the 2,005,609 copies of Twilight sold so far.

…two seconds later…that must be 2,005,611 now, right? Too smug for you? Ok, I'll shut up now. Over and out.

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