Tweetaholics Anonymous June 2010

Tweetaholics Anonymous June 2010

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We love tweeting and you (probably) love tweeting, but our authors have got themselves utterly addicted!

Some recent gems include:

In a way, NYC was as much a fantasy to my suburban self as um, some medieval kingdom. Hence Blue Bloods.

From @MelissadelaCruz

My next door neighbor just found a spare rib buried under her pillow courtesy of my dog Bee Bee. I can't stop laughing.

From @lisiharrison

Cafe where I'm writing is playing Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come." #oneofmyfavoritesongs

From @libbabray

Wish me luck folks. Am about to attempt to rekindle my relationship with daily running. #isprobablycrazy

From @andreacremer

Dear Amazon: I appreciate your email encouraging me to try Kelley Armstrong's books, but I've already read them. They were okay.

From @KelleyArmstrong

Okay, guys, going to grab a nap. I can only take so much excitement, you know. Mwah! <3

From @MichelleZink


We'll select some more nice tweets for you in July, but to keep you going follow @MelissadelaCruz  @KelleyArmstrong  @MichelleZink  @andreacremer  @libbabray   @LisiHarrison   @realjamesphelan  @TrudiCanavan  @StephenLawhead  @ScottWesterfeld (and while you're about it, follow us too please! @AtomBooks or see the twitter section of this site)

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