Tweetaholics Anonymous July 2010

Tweetaholics Anonymous July 2010

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A brand new instalment of tweetaholics annonymous for you all! We think our authors are probably the most amusing tweeters about, so we suggest following as soon as you possibly can…but for now, here are a few choice morsels to keep you entertained. If you're lucky, we'll have some more in August for you :)

libbabray I miss David Tennant.

MichelleZink  I'm alive! Even after being driven to town by 16 year old daughter!

KelleyArmstrong   9 yr old son sent me an email. It's in text speak. Going over to the linguistic dark side already? We will talk.

MelissadelaCruz WHERE is my confetti? And streamers? And disco ball???

ScottWesterfeld Okay, Twitter, you have three more hours to learn how to spell "vuvuzela." YOU CAN DO IT! #worldcup 

Not enough for you?! See all our authors for more twitter gems: @MelissadelaCruz  @KelleyArmstrong  @MichelleZink  @andreacremer  @libbabray   @LisiHarrison   @realjamesphelan  @TrudiCanavan  @StephenLawhead  @ScottWesterfeld (and while you're about it, follow us too please! @AtomBooks or see the twitter section of this site)

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