Tulsi's Review of Panic

Tulsi's Review of Panic

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Atomic: Tulsi

Age: 15

Panic is not for hard crime genre addicts but is a good read to read if you want something on the lighter side of this genre and contained too many twists to the story which made me quickly lose interest in the story line even though the initial idea for the story is good.

I would be lying if this story was not clich├ęd as the character idea that the girl is stronger and has a darker past then the main character which is very common but none the less, it made me laugh at some points as it shows that it is a light read.

But to be honest, I had pretty much figured out who was who and what they all did around about the middle as it lacked any truly difficult mysteries which made it like an open book to figure out

In conclusion, this book is not a memorable book but is good if you want a good light read as it does not contain any themes that are too heavy and thus are perfect for a teenage audience.

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