Trapped Reviews from Suzie, Molly and Tina

Trapped Reviews from Suzie, Molly and Tina

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Read on to see what some of our Atomics thought about Trapped by Michael Northrop! If you’d to read more, click here for the full list of reviewers!


Atomic: Suzie

Age: 13

Trapped is about Scott and his friends trapped in a school and they’re trying to cope.


Atomic: Molly

Age: 13

I really enjoyed this book. The characters add some humour into a dangerous, life threatening situation.

The plot is really exiting but I won’t ruin it for anyone! The way Michael leads you down the wrong track is very misleading . . . the only bad point i have is that once or twice the writer seems to ramble on a bit but other than that I can’t fault it!

This book is enjoyable funny, exiting , interesting, and just an overall hit! Make sure you read it!!!

Over and out Mollo!


Atomic: Tina

Age: 14

The novel Trapped, by Michael Northrop, is a novel about a group of kids who get stuck in at school after a terrible blizzard starts. One by one, the ‘essentials’ start going out. First the power, then the heat, the pipes freeze and the roof shudders. The blizzard goes on for days, and as the snow piles high and the empty halls grow colder and darker, the mounting pressure forces a devastating decision.

I really enjoyed this novel for three main reasons. The first reason is the ending. It is really clever how it leaves lots of questions unanswered and lets the reader decide what should happen next. It is like a cliff-hanger, but you get a sense of what is going to happen. The second reason is I love how Michael Northrop creates such a good story from something as simple as snow, which is a hard subject. The final reason I love this book is, because it contains humour which is suitable and understandable by teenagers my age and older and the words used throughout the book reflects how teenagers actually speak, which makes the reader feel as if they are with the character.

I found no fault with the novel and found it to be an exceptional read. The way that humour is tied into a serious situation created by the author and how towards the end of the book the reader starts to feel the tension created by all the characters. Another good thing about this book, is how it is presented. The increasing snow on the pages is a nice touch!

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves humour, snow or stories about kids trashing their schools. I hope there will be another novel in the series, because this novel was enjoyable to read and makes you more wary of how long you stay in school if it ever snows!

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