Trapped Reviews from Bronwyn, Kerry and Polly

Trapped Reviews from Bronwyn, Kerry and Polly

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We've had three extra reviews come in for Trapped by Michael Northrop which we'd love to share with you all! If you’d to read more, click here for the full list of reviewers!

Atomic: Bronwyn

Age: 17

The story is very much real life and could easily happen to people. The chapters are short which is good because it means that you can read a chapter in a short amount of time. The chapter lengths are perfect for people who don't have time to sit down and read and for people who don't read very much.


Atomic: Kerry

Age: 13

“The day the blizzard started, no one knew that it was going to keep snowing for a week.”

A story re-told by Scotty Weems after his near death experience eat Tattawa High School with five others.

This book is different from others in the teen age range. I was getting a little bored with reading supernatural and failing in love but this was completely different and defiantly worked. I liked seeing the world from a 14 year old boy’s point of view.

Scotty is funny and always looking at his friends and other at their reactions and how he talks like you me and other teenager around! He talks about things like I could imagine a teenage boy really thinking and he gets really annoyed at the others, like I would… :P When I was reading I actually got really worried about them and I actually stopped reading and started looked up on the internet about the density of ice and water.

The ending was really good and dramatic and it made me laugh near the end. I was thinking about the book for days and all the endings…

I would definitely recommend the book if you are like me, feed up with vampires and loveee! This book is defiantly worth reading and has a good plot which will make you anxious and want to carry on reading! Plus, it has a really good snow effect at the beginning of each chapter!


Atomic: Polly

Age: 14

 [Note from Team Atom – this review contains some spoilers about the end of the book! Read on if you don’t mind finding out what happens :)]

Trapped is an exciting adventure that follows the lives of seven pupils stuck in Tattawa Regional High School.  Scotty, a jock, Pete, the video game player and Jason, the car enthusiast. The three friends decide to stay after school to work on Jason’s go-kart because of the early closure, due to heavy snow fall.  Scotty and his friends persuade the teachers to let them stay for a bit longer to work on the kart while they wait for Jason’s dad to pick them up.  The snow starts to fall more heavily, unknown to the three boys, affecting the phone lines.  After gaining no signal the three friends head to the gym where four other students and Mr Gossell are waiting for someone collect them.  Les, the school bully, Elijah, a geek and two popular girls, Krista and Julie, along with Scotty and his friends end up stuck at the school all alone after Mr Gossell walks out to get help and possibly died.  The seven students sleep over at the school, thinking the snow would melt and they would leave in the morning, but it doesn’t. They break into classrooms and steal clothes and mats from the gym and food from the canteen.  As the days go on they find themselves having to steal and destroy the school even more, they even set up a fire in one of the classrooms!  The snow just continues falling and the time they’re spending trapped is getting much, much longer. How will they escape or how will they stay alive?

Trapped is a very interesting book and it kept me turning the pages to find out what happens to the seven students. Although it is very disappointing as you never find out if the rest escape from the school.  I guess they do get rescued.   You also never find out what happened to Mr Gossell and the parents coming to pick them up. I think the author may be, or may have been, planning on a sequel but all it really needs is a quick explanation. Overall, I think the ending ruined the book and made most of the story pointless because Trapped was about seven students struggling to survive and we never got to find out if they did.

Trapped is a very good book and I did enjoy reading it, but it is missing something towards the end.

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