Tom Clempson's World Book Night Choice

Tom Clempson's World Book Night Choice

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We've been busy asking our authors which YA books they would choose to give away for World Book Night 2012 – an event where ONE MILLION books are being handed out for free! If you would like to get involved in choosing the books all you need to do is visit

Next up to share his choices is Tom Clempson, author of One Seriously Messed-Up Week. Don't our authors have good taste! (Not that we're surprised, obvs.)


The Princess Bride by William Goldman: It’s your average ‘Stable boy falls for farm girl, farm girl falls for stable boy, he becomes a pirate, she becomes a princess, and an adventure-filled mission ensues to reunite them’ story, and I can guarantee that every time I write a list of my favourite books, this will be in there. Probably at the top. It is hands down my favourite book of all time. I recently encouraged some friends to read it, but most of the verdicts that came back were ‘meh’, which absolutely baffles me, in a ‘pull your hair out, eat the wallpaper and name your gerbil Judith’ kind of way (maybe I overhyped it?). To me this is one of those ‘How can you not love it?!’ books. It’s witty, adventurous, sharp and also a little bit swashbuckly. And, (dare I say it?), even better than the film. Has inspired me in so many ways.

How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff: When it came to choosing a ‘new’ YA book (and when I say ‘new’ I mean ‘within the last 10 years’) I knew it was going to be impossible to choose, so I switched my brain to ‘shuffle’ and this is what popped up. And so it should. I’ve only read it once (I’m usually a big re-reader), and it was over five years ago, yet still it’s at the forefront of my mind. It’s told in the first person by Daisy, an American girl with attitude, who is sent to live with her cousins in rural England. A girly (and weirdly incestuous) romance soon gives way to violence and survival when England becomes occupied in a present day-ish world war three. Charming, shocking and haunting. Impossible to forget.

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