The Nightshade Blog Tour So Far…

The Nightshade Blog Tour So Far…

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Well guys and gals (and, erm, wolves…), you’ve got TWO WHOLE days coming up without any Nightshade blog posts. So we thought we’d do a quick round-up of things that are out there on the blogosphere just in case you missed any!

Day one saw us posting the first extract at So Little Time for Books.

The second extract on day two was looked after by Words and Pieces.   

Then we headed to Dot Scribbles for the third extract.

And we posted the final extract with Once Upon a Bookcase who also let you know a little bit about the very tasty Shay Doran.

As an extra special Christmas Eve treat we told you about the exclusive on Amazon, where you can read Shay’s back story so you’ll know a little about what he was up to before the beginning of Nightshade.

If you’re desperate for a little bit more…why not check out these reviews?

That’s all for now folks. Come back on 27th when we’ve got a fantastic guest post from Andrea. And then on 28th the book is out! YAYAYAYAY!

Until then, Merry Christmas from all of us at Atom!

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