The Crash by Krystyna Kuhn

The Crash by Krystyna Kuhn

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Following on from The Game comes the unmissable, mysterious new novel from Krystyna Kuhn.

Welcome to The Valley, where the only thing scarier than the teachers are the bodies. . .

Mount Ghost looms high above Grace College, and holds as many secrets as The Valley itself. Secrets of missing students, lies and betrayal.

Julia has barely scratched the surface of The Valley's secrets and she's determined to discover what connects her father to the mysterious Grace College.

The answer, she's sure, lies on Mount Ghost, so when Katie suggests that they investigate the students who went missing there forty years ago, Julia jumps at the chance.

But Julia can no longer hide from her past in The Valley. And she's not the only one. . .

The Crash by Krystyna Kuhn publishes on 4th October at £6.99.

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