The Atomics review The Diviners: Rosie, Jana & Isha

The Atomics review The Diviners: Rosie, Jana & Isha

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Round two of our Atomics Reviews of THE DIVINERS. The general consensus? It may be long, but it's well worth getting into for flappers, fun and some seriously scary bits!

I loved reading this, it was amazing!

I loved all the different views and scenes going on at once, and I found myself remembering some really exciting surprises near the end of this book. This book really got you to appreciate the characters, and almost visualize them as real people. Evie is a main character and she is so loveable as a character, and she takes you with her on her adventures which is so fun to read.

I loved how Libba Bray told the story from the villains eyes in some aspects as well, because then you knew what was going on, and you willed the characters in the book to know what you knew as well! There were so many exciting things happening in The Diviners, and I never found myself staring at the pages reading the same sentence over and over, I was always glued to the page!

The ending was brilliantly written, and the scary chapters were amazing. It's really easy to get drawn into this book within the first few pages, and I would recommend this book to anybody who asked!

Rosie Taylor, Aged 15

Normally I don't read historical (unless it's by Rachel Harris or Cassandra Clare) so I was a bit skeptical about this before reading. I've never read any of Libba's books before so this was my first. I have to say, I think I'll read anything and everything by her now. :)

I didn't expect this book to be MASSIVE. You can imagine my face when it came through the post and it was a hardback with 592 pages. You guys know I read more on the 200-400 pages scale, since I get bored really easily. But surprisingly, I couldn't put this book down. I just had to keep reading. I had to know what happens.

The plot was very engaging and exciting. There was a lot of mystery and suspense and action and everything else you would want in a book.

Evie was a great main character. I loved her. She's not really your typical YA female heroine that you always see on other novels. There's something very different and special about her. I loved getting to know her more as the book goes on.

I really enjoyed this book. I think there's something for every reader out there, and I highly recommend this book.

Jana Cruz, Aged 16

The Diviners, just from reading the title you know this is a spellbounding book. And that is exactly what it is. Set in 1920s New York, it is all flappers, mystery and sedution; this book has you totally enthralled in the flapper life, right up untill the end. Although some parts were scary, I loved it nonetheless.

I loved the characters, especially Evie O'Neil; she is the type of girl who is the one with the 'foul mouth', the kind who jumps in head first but has you falling in love with her all the same.

This is a book for eveyone, although, it can be quite gory and scary so I recommend it for ages 12+. However this is a must read for everyone and I can assure you, you will love it, though you may be scared at times!

No doubt about it, this will be a world phenomenon.

Isha Hussein, Aged 14

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