The Atomics review The Diviners: Holly

The Atomics review The Diviners: Holly

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Last but not least, 14 year old Holly discovers a whole new world of reading in Libba Bray's The Diviners.

At first I was unsure wether or not I would like Libba Bray's new book because I tend to like novels set in modern times, which I can relate to more easily. Also I found the first chapter, and the blurb, quite intimidating as there were several words which I had never heard of. Reading on though I quickly felt at ease and grew to love New York in the 1920's. I have learned new vocabulary and Libba bray has left me longing for more!

Evie is a very well written character, who tries her best to be good but trouble always seems to find her. She is impulsive and strong minded with her heart in the right place and at times you love to hate her.

Most writers conform to the general rule of having one main plot and very few sub plots but not Libba bray! At times I was confused as to which sub plot I was reading about but I soon caught on and I enjoyed learning more and more about each character and profiling them in my head as I read.

Nothing was predictable and I found myself trusting people only later to have them turn out to be evil!

The most enjoyable, unusual part of the book for me was the suspense and fear that much of the book is filled with. At times I was scared to read on with nail bitingly tense chapters and I am not scared easily! For this reason i think it may be unsuitable for younger readers. The main plot of the book reminds me of the film seven, which is great as I love that film!

The Diviners is a magical book filled with forbidden love, murder, unrequited love and the occult. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone over 14! I can't wait for the next book!

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