The Atomics Review Night School: Legacy: Summer, Jamie, Chloe

The Atomics Review Night School: Legacy: Summer, Jamie, Chloe

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As I have read and greatly enjoyed the first book in this new series, I was very excited to review the sequel. This book is about a girl called Allie Sheridan who was sent to the elusive and mysterious Cimmeria Academy just outside of London, but nobody knows exactly where. Now after her adventures in the first book, which include her fiery relationship with the “dreamy” Carter West, she is back and has more difficult decisions to make – including family or friends? And as a note to remember – the cliff hanger ending will leave you wanting more and in the game of truth or dare, one of Allie’s secrets will be exposed!

The strength of the plot is helped by the fact that it is fast paced and flowing which makes it easy to read and soon you can’t put it down.

The main character Allie is my favourite character because is she full of personality and her witty, sarcastic comments combined with her equally sarcastic outlook on things really makes the book and breathes life into the story.

The aspect of romance in the book is written with originality which made it even more engaging and, at times, a bit heart-breaking because you really connect with Allie, believe in her situation and want it to work out. The complicated love triangle, between herself, Cater and Sylvain, draws you in and captures your emotions as much as it does Allie’s. One of the best things about the romance is that it blends with the plot and is part of the overall story instead of a separate side story.

Overall, I would rate this book as a 10/10 – it is funny, witty and engaging. It is a definite must read and I would recommend it to anyone!

Summer, 15

After having read the first book in the Night School series by C. J. Daugherty, I was eagerly anticipating the next one in the series; Night School Legacy. It did not disappoint!

Night School Legacy picks up shortly after the ending of Night School, with the main character, Allie, running from Nathaniel’s people. The novel then moves to the main setting, Cimmeria Academy. Allie is then faced with a series of life threatening challenges and to make things worse, someone close to her is secretly working for Nathaniel. Throw in a lot of boy trouble and girl drama and you have an adventure filled, action packed book, that keeps you interested the entire way through.

This novel leaves you on edge and continuously questioning. A truly compelling, page turner. Night School Legacy keeps you hooked until the very last page and leaves you keen for the next book. Definite must read!

Jamie, 17

After reading 'Night School' I was really looking forward to finding out how the story continued and what would happen to Allie, but after reading 'Night School Legacy' I feel a little disappointed. Ok, so we find out more about what happens in Night School and who Lucinda and Nathaniel are, but I still feel there are many questions left to be answered. Maybe these are to be answered in a future book but I just feel the storyline wasn't quite as exciting as the first book.

That's not to say I didn't enjoy it, as it was well written but I did get a bit annoyed at the rivalry between Carter and Sylvain. Can't Allie just make up her mind? Overall, I didn't enjoy this book as much as the first, but it does continue the series well. If you are thinking of reading this book but haven't yet read the first one I would suggest reading it as some things may not make sense without prior knowledge.

Chloe, 15

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