The Atomics review Night School: Legacy: Sophie, Aamina, Jessica, Shauna

The Atomics review Night School: Legacy: Sophie, Aamina, Jessica, Shauna

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Last but not least, the final instalment of our Atomics reviews of Night School: Legacy by C.J. Daugherty…

This isn't the kind of book I am usually into reading, but it has certainly changed my mind as this was an exciting and inspiring book. I also hadn’t read the beginning book, so I didn't realise how awesome it was until I read it!

As soon as I picked up Night School: Legacy I was thrown into action from the first page. And it doesn't seem to stop there. C.J. Daugherty kept me guessing as to what was going to happen at every step throughout the book.

Without giving too much of the story away, it is mainly based around Allie's mysterious grandma and her lost brother. She has been through so much all ready but she still seems rock hard.

Overall, this is not the type of story I tend to enjoy reading, but this book has changed that for me and made me realise: Don't judge a book by its cover! Rating = 4/5


There are many things I expected to happen in the second book of this series and most of these things did occur. But what happened after each of these slightly predictable events is what truly makes this book amazing.

This type of novel usually focuses on a paranormal boarding school and the oh-so-typical drama of not knowing what creature you really are. The Night School series is like a breath of fresh air for the young adult genre, a boarding school with a secret, that doesn’t revolve around mystical beings. I admit, it takes some getting used to the fact that there won’t be any vampires, werewolves or fairies, but after that, it’s pretty much perfect.

There were some points in this book that made me stop, put the book down and walk away, for fear I’d throw it at a wall and end up creasing a page of a novel that was sure to take pride of place on my book shelf. Allie’s character in the beginning or the first novel was a strong girl with a serious attitude but towards the end she began to lose those admirable traits. In this book she gains back her confidence and her strength, despite losing pretty much everything.

There wasn’t a chapter in this book that didn’t feature SOMETHING important and the fast pace just added to the overall mystery, which still hasn’t been revealed (ARGH) leaving the perfect cliff-hanger with incredible scope for the next novel. Personally I’m a sucker so happy endings and although the end wasn’t exactly sunshine rainbows and bunnies, it was cute, even with the tears.

Only one thing about this novel wasn’t as perfect as I would have wanted the dreaded shape that almost every series in this genre revolves around. The love triangle. Now the novel doesn’t revolve around Allie’s love triangle completely, which I was thankful for because if it had, I would have cried. Literally. But it was present nonetheless and the person creating the triangle was someone I had a preconceived hate for, so that wasn’t in the books favour either.

But I got over it and after ignoring that one (incredibly annoying) person I saw how well written, ordered and gripping the story was. Allie’s indecisiveness with the two men in her life will probably be the only down point to the next novel, but I’ll buy it anyway, just to make sure she ends up with the right guy, and if she doesn’t? Well sucks to be her, she’ll regret it in the end.

Aamina, 16

After reading the first Night School book by C.J.Daugherty, I was filled with eagerness to read the next book in the series, and when it finally arrived on my doorstep on the 7th of December, I could not wait to devour the book.

I finished Night School: Legacy within a matter of hours. The thrilling, fast-paced story captivated my mind and would not unleash me until I had turned the very last page. The story, following the life of sparky Allie Sheridan within the beautiful walls of Cimmeria academy, yet again fulfilled my needs of adventure and romance, combined with my love of private and boarding school novels.

Whilst Allie fell in and out of love, I continued to fall in love with C. J’s characters, especially Sylvain. I personally felt a sense of betrayal along with Allie at certain points in the story, and I shall say no more!

Once I had finished the book, I felt sad and sort of lost, as if I didn’t know what to do now that it was over. Thankfully, the ending indicates that there will be another book released, and I shall wait impatiently for the third instalment of this gripping series! I would recommend this book to friends and families, whether they were teenagers, or adults. It fills all areas of need for a reader, and keeps you wanting more, long after the very last word.


What I enjoyed about this book was that straight away it drew me in and I was hooked, I had to keep reading as I had to know the conclusion. The ending held many twists that I was not expecting which was exciting and kept me on my toes.

However sometimes during the story things would become a bit dull and predictable which took away from the enjoyment. This was not often just occasionally.
I felt like I connected to the character of Allie as she is a typical teenager in the sense that she was confused with boys, fell out with her friends and had a lot of work to do for school, all things teenage girls face which just made her more believable and relatable for someone of my age.
I highly recommend this book as it contains action, romance and an unexpected ending.

Shauna, 17

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