The Atomics review Night School: Legacy: Emma, Kate, Catherine

The Atomics review Night School: Legacy: Emma, Kate, Catherine

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The book is fantastic! Even better than the first. I think it comes to a brilliant conclusion that's even more breathtaking than the original Night School.

I would recommend this book for a mind blowing read, for its enthusing plot and surprising twists that leave you wanting more!

Ellen, 16

It was so easy to just fall into this book and devour it.

As a lover of both boarding schools and mysteries, this series is one of my favourite combinations of the two. It was well paced, and the transitions into flashbacks were so smoothly done I sometimes didn't even realise it had happened. Not being able to remember many details of the first book, I was worried I would get a little lost, but I was reminded so easily of previous events that everything made sense from a little way in. This book has managed to give me back the book bug after a dry spell, so I really do love it!

Kate, 17

I have somewhat mixed feelings about this book…

On one hand, when I finished the book, my initial thought was, ‘That was pretty good! …I think I liked that even more than the first book!’ (Then again, it should probably be taken into consideration that it has been a long time since I read Night School and I can’t much remember it or how I felt about it…)

On the other hand, then, after some reflection, my second thought was that I couldn’t actually recall much significant actually happening in the book. It just seemed a bit to me like there wasn’t a lot going on with the plot throughout most of the book and that we spent most of the time just….waiting.

I felt like the majority of the book was spent watching Allie prepare for the end of the book – when, supposedly, the big action would finally come into play – with a few odd mini bits of action thrown in just to keep the reader’s  attention span from drifting off completely.

However, although I had some issues with the plot, what I really liked about Legacy were the characters. It was great to see Allie getting a chance to develop as a character as she faced more challenges; I realise this may seem a little contradictory of me – first I say it was somewhat dull ‘watching Allie prepare’, then I say ‘it was great to see Allie getting a chance to develop’, but I suppose what I mean is that it was good to see her character developing…but we needn’t spend most of the book on it…

The love triangle present in the first book is still here, and although I know some people are against them, I don’t mind them, in fact I advocate them, if they are portrayed well! You could define a ‘good’ love triangle as one that evokes enough feeling in its readers for them to divide into ‘teams,’ and I’m sure readers of Legacy will be agonising over who they think Allie should be with – Carter or Sylvain? I have to say, in Night School I was definitely all for the mysterious, brooding Carter, however, during Legacy I found myself rooting for Sylvain.

All in all, although I felt it could have been better, I enjoyed Legacy and still definitely would read any future books in the series! I am sure that anyone who loved Night School will not be disappointed by its sequel.

Catherine, 15

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