The Atomics Review Night School: Legacy: Lucy, Brittany, Alice

The Atomics Review Night School: Legacy: Lucy, Brittany, Alice

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Legacy begins where Night School left off, and the story jumps into action from the very first page. There are ups and downs for Allie during the book and as a reader I felt very connected to her and how she was feeling. Throughout the book you see Allie grow closer to some of the students at Cimmeria Academy but she also draws away from some of the central characters that were in the first book.

If you were a fan of Allie and Carter in Night School then you defiantly have to read Legacy. If you are team Sylvain he is not out of the picture either. During this book I saw a new side to Carter and got an insight to some of the other characters feelings. There is a new character Zoe, who at first I took a dislike to, but as the book progressed I grew fond of her.

In Legacy there is more mystery, comedy and romance than ever. There are surprises along the way that I did not expect: some good and some that I didn't like but that just made me keep reading. I really enjoyed this book and anyone else who liked Night School will LOVE Legacy. Even if you weren't blown away by the first book in the series, trust me, you will be with Legacy!

I have to give this book five out of five stars, it is one of the best books I have read this year and the only disappointment is that it had an ending.

Thank you to Atom for giving me the chance to review Legacy and to C.J. Daugherty for writing this amazing series. I am now counting down to the next book!!

Lucy, 14

Having not yet read the first book I did not know what to expect, so I borrowed the first from my local library. I thought that it would be a struggle to fit reading the two books into the month, but in fact I found it very easy. As soon as I started reading I was hooked on the books and I couldn't put them down.

The story line and plot really grabbed my attention, it pulled me in and I couldn't leave it alone. It seemed to me that it was C. J. Daugherty's style of writing that kept me interested, along with interesting characters. The only flaw I could find about the characters would be that personally I found them hard to relate to. I would recommend this book to any teenage girl, who likes the stereotypical female teenage book

Brittany, 15

Having read the first book, I was really looking forward to reading the next one. I wouldn't say that this one was as good as the first one, but it is still worth a read. I didn't feel it had much of a storyline. I read the book really quick, but when I got to the end, I felt that I had read a lot of pages, but the storyline hadn't really progressed. The story was quite like the first book. However there are some parts of the book that are quite funny, and there was plenty of action. I think the explosive start really made me want to read on, as it really set the scene for what to expect from the rest of the book.

Alice, 16

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