The Atomics review Etiquette & Espionage: Isabella, Connie & Georgia

The Atomics review Etiquette & Espionage: Isabella, Connie & Georgia

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Etiquette & Espionage, Book One in the brand new Finishing School series by Gail Carriger is out now.

We were inundated with requests from our Atomics reader review programme (aged 12-18 and love books? Sign up here!) and these are the results.

Looks like they loved it as much as we do!

This book is amazing! When I read the first few chapters I was quite confused  about what was going on because of the world this is set in: The Victorian era with mechanical servants! Though when I was a few chapters in I started to get it and really enjoyed the gripping story.

Without ruining the story, I’ll tell you that this book is based on a tomboyish girl called Sophronia, who ends up in a finish-everything finishing school, and her adventure to do with a prototype.

I would recommend this book to anyone really, my age or older, though I do think it’s rather a girl’s book! I really hope there will be a sequel! A great book through and through.


Think 'Gallagher Girls' meets 'Sherlock Homes' passes 'Harry Potter' with a small tinge of 'Night School'. I loved this book. It has absolutely everything. Despite the obvious supernatural elements, I found it extremely relatable! Sophronia is younger than her sisters, she's that child who doesn't necessarily want to follow the path that is set out for her; but one that would be frowned upon by many at the time in which the book is set (of which I'm still not entirely sure). Her mother is one that doesn't approve of her 'differences' and so sends her off to finishing school, little does she know it's not all what can be expected from a normal school.

The book's storyline was well thought out and had many little twists that made you think about some of the character's true intentions, it made you wonder whether they were all they seemed to be. Some parts in the book were pure genius, the idea of 'flyway men' and 'mechanimals' were really a high point. I was strangely addicted to the whole thing and there was never a dull moment in it! The only major issues I had with this book were the unanswered questions I found myself asking at the end but I believe that with this promising start, that that problem could be solved easily with a great follow-up book.

I can imagine this book being read by a wide range of readers, however I would be worried about a younger audience with some of the words being either difficult to understand and/or from a older period of time. I personally loved this aspect of it but I know that some may not be into that sort of book or will find it a hard read. I hope that that doesn't put anyone off from reading Etiquette & Espionage because I found it thoroughly enjoyable and I can't wait to read a sequel. Please just go out right now and buy it!  


I don't normally read books that are set in the past, but this book was different to the others. The story catches your attention and Sophronia (the main character) is really interesting.

The book has supernatural twists in it, which give the story a good twist.

I really enjoyed the book but i did find it confusing in places but other than that it was amazing.

I would recommend this book to mid teens as that's what the main character is.


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