The Atomics Launch!

The Atomics Launch!

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The eagle-eyed among you might have noticed that we've got a brand new tab on our home page called  Atomics. But what on earth is it for? This is one of Atom's most exciting projects yet…we're giving twelve-eighteen year olds the chance to receive *free* books and review them for our website! Why? Because we want to know what you think of them!

The official press release is below – feel free to pass it on to anyone you think might like to see it! All the info is also on the sign-up page which can be found here.


Team Atom is absolutely shout-out-loud excited to announce the creation of The Atomics!

 We’re looking for anyone aged twelve to eighteen who loves books (and fancies the chance to receive our new titles BEFORE they’re published) to join our new young reviewers programme.

We absolutely love engaging with bloggers, and so, to give a little something back to the blogosphere, we really want to help the next generation of book bloggers by giving them a dedicated online space to review books and get talking about the titles they love…and those they don’t!

Each month, everyone who has signed up to The Atomics will receive an email update, letting them know about upcoming titles they might want to review. We’ll be asking The Atomics to get in touch to tell us which titles they’d like, and we’ll send pre-publication copies to those that want them. Although there won’t be a book every single month for each Atomic, we’re committed to making sure that everyone who signs up will get a chance to review something they’re interested in!

Each time an Atomic receives a book, we’re hoping that they’ll be able to write a review (which can be as brief or as long as they like) and we’ll post it on our website, in the brand new Atomics section. All other Atomics will have the opportunity to comment on the month’s reviews, regardless of whether they’re one of our reviewers for that month or not. We want this to be one massive conversation about books!

And if you think Atom is only about paranormal (and, dare we say, a little bit girly) fiction – think again! We’re trying our darndest to expand our list to include a really wide range of the best in young adult fiction including mystery, adventure and humour alongside our favourite paranormal authors.

Sound good? If you’re aged twelve to eighteen and want to join The Atomics then please sign up on our website:

And if you’re over eighteen, but know people who might want to apply, please help us to spread the word!

Over and out. Team Atom.

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