Taryn's Review of Panic

Taryn's Review of Panic

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Atomic: Taryn

Age: 15

Panic is a high-octane, action packed novel with more twists than a high speed car chase. It follows the story of sixteen year old Evan Casher, a budding movie maker, in the days following the murder of his mother. Clueless, he fights for his survival and tries to unearth the mysteries his parents have hidden from him, and of the corruption in the special services throughout the world. We watch Evan evolve from an ordinary American school boy, into a ‘boy of the shadows’ as he is thrown into a conspiracy larger than he could have ever imagined.

If you have a soft spot for explosive action, or think of yourself as a young Bond, Panic is surely a book you will thoroughly enjoy. Although at first I didn’t get into the novel, it became increasingly ‘un-put-down-able’ as it progressed, and I must say that the scenes of conflict, or ‘fireworks’ as Evan calls them, did win me over. Who can’t get excited by speedy chases with bad guys, guns blazing, who are always just that bit too close for comfort?

As with any book, the ending can be a hit or a miss, I’m sure we’ve all read a book where the ending has seemed a bit pathetic after all the build up to it, but Panic is not one to let us down. Your pulse and your mind will be racing as you flick through the final pages, and as you put the book down your heart will surely sink.

Although at first I didn’t think I would enjoy Panic as much as I have done, I definitely have a soft spot for it now, and not just because of the fantastic action scenes, but also because Jeff Abbott certainly knows how to tell an interesting and complex story without having us lose interest. This story has clearly had a lot of thought put into it.

My thanks go to Jeff Abbott, and also to Atom for giving us a great novel!

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