Taryn's Review of Die For Me

Taryn's Review of Die For Me

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Atomic: Taryn

Age: 15

Personally, I found Die For Me was hard to get in to at first. I normally choose books that have gripping, action packed openings that leave you thirsting for more and drag you along with hooked talons… So for me, at first it seemed quite tame. It slowly eases you into the story and brings you up to date with the character’s story, a format sometimes preferred by some readers.

However, I stuck to it, and wasn’t let down. Although I wouldn’t say it was normally my cup of tea, I did receive a certain sense of pride for not abandoning the book and labelling it as ‘just another young adult romance novel of the Twenty First Century’, which it may well be, but it was overall enjoyable.

I’m not going to say it’s one of my favourite books, that it isn’t, but it’s definitely one that’s worth a shot if you are willing to stick by it to the end.

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