Taryn's Nightshade Review

Taryn's Nightshade Review

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Atomic: Taryn
Age: 15

When I received my copy of Nightshade, I’m pretty sure my face was full of childish glee, like a child on Christmas day after good old Santa’s given you all the toys you’ve dreamt of all year. I instantly flicked through the pages, thrilled by the fact the cover page of every chapter featured the next phase of the moon (I mean, that is pretty cool, right?!), but for Calla’s sake, let me point out that, no, she is not a ‘werewolf’. Guardian is the correct term, pfft! Joking aside, I was pretty psyched – I’d even visited the official website beforehand and spent every day telling my friends how excited I was, (but don’t feel sorry for them, they’re itching to get their hands on their own copies now!).

‘So why is it so great?!’ I hear you yelling! Well, I’m not telling – there is NO way I’m going to ruin it for you, instead, I’ll bore you with my thoughts (muahahaha >=]).

Okay, well first of all, let me just say, that I’m pretty sure that there may be some people who probably couldn’t stand reading it, you may think that the characters are bumbling idiots, and you’d probably end up hating some of the characters with a vengeance (for example, my friend cannot stand Shay. Honestly, I can’t understand why, and the fact her reasoning behind it was ‘Just… BECAUSE! I mean…urgh! I just like REN,’ doesn’t exactly help). Regardless, I know we both loved the book (and how smart we felt when we knew the Latin translations), and are eagerly waiting for Wolfsbane to come out (it’s going to be a LONG couple of months).

Calla (the main protagonist – Nightshade is written from her point of view) constantly doubts the choices she is making, and is unsure of her purpose and – for all you romantics – what love is *insert dreamy sigh here*. Looking back on the book, you really empathise with her, I mean, even though some of her decisions weren’t that fantastic (she wasn’t really in a great position in the first place), you truly appreciate the stress she must have been under, and that she was really pushed to her limits, definitely a sign of a good book. From the beginning you are thrown into the action and into the alluring world of Calla and her pack mates, and by the ending you’re left wanting more, and will probably spend nights wide awake thinking about it.  If you like action, adventure, mystery, brutally killing spiders, and romance, give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed!

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