Sasha's Nightshade Review

Sasha's Nightshade Review

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Nightshade is a fierce debut that sets the scene for even more explosive action. I enjoyed this book a reasonable amount. I was instantly fascinated with the characters, the plot points and the entire mystical web that Nightshade spins.

I thought that the old magic, lore, and originality of Nightshade kept me constantly intrigued. I had never read about paranormal creatures like ‘The Keepers’ or ‘The Guardians’ before. Andrea Cremer has constructed an enticing new world for fans of fanged-fiction to dive into!

I loved each and every character in their own right. Calla started out as a very strong, independent but sweet girl/wolf. Although, as the book progressed, I began to see her in a different light as she kept battling with her emotions toward her two potential love interests: Shay and Ren. At times it seemed a little unrealistic how she could be so in love with two completely different boys at the same time. I wanted to shake her by the shoulders and tell her to make up her mind (I was rooting for Ren) even though I may risk my life in doing so. Unfortunately, there were so many characters with similar names, I kept forgetting who was who.

When I first began to read the book, I became simultaneously confused with the aforementioned lore that eventually started to make sense. The author could’ve made that slightly clearer as I can see why some people might give up with the book. Even though it did have its imperfections, Nightshade was still a thoroughly enjoyable book and I can see the sequel, Wolfsbane, as being even better!

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