Sarra Manning's World Book Night Choice

Sarra Manning's World Book Night Choice

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Next up in our 'YA favourites' mini-series is Sarra Manning, whose book Adorkable will be out in May next year.

Sarra says:

My favourite YA novel has to be Girl by Blake Nelson. Set in Portland, it charts one turbulent, drama-filled year in the life of Andrea Marr as she suddenly gets cool, becomes queen of the downtown scene and falls in love with Todd Sparrow, one of those beautiful boys that should have a parental advisory warning tattooed on his forehead. This is the book that inspired me to start writing YA fiction and every time I read it, the story just roars off the page.

Doesn't it sound fantastic?!

If you would like to help select books for the 2012 World Book Night Giveaway (ONE MILLION FREE BOOKS! *gasp*) all you need to do is head to and choose your top ten books. Obviously, you can choose whatever you like, but we'll be your BFFs if you help us to get a YA book in the Nation's Top Ten!

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