Saaraa's Rosebush Review

Saaraa's Rosebush Review

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Atomic: Saaraa

Age: 13

This book was better than I thought it would be. When I started reading the book I thought it was going to be like so many other books like it: predictable. But it really wasn’t; throughout the story there are a few different people that you suspect. I suspected the actual killer at one point but then decided that that person wasn’t the actual killer. I would recommend this book if you are into mysteries, there’s also a bit of romance in it too.

Overall this book is way better than I’d expected it to be, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It kept me on edge pretty much the whole way through. One of the only things I didn’t like was that it all happened in such a short time because there were a lot of flashbacks, I’m not saying I didn’t like them, just that I think they filled up a lot of the story so that there wasn’t actually that much of it set in the time the book was set.

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