Rosebush Reviews from the Atomics

Rosebush Reviews from the Atomics

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Back in February we sent out the second Atomics’ book to a selection of lucky reviewers – this time we chose Rosebush by Michele Jaffe.

Rosebush is a dark, almost-murder mystery and it’s a very special book for us here at Atom Towers because (dundundaaa…) it’s not paranormal! But we think the tone is VERY Atom, and we love love love it!

To see what some of our readers thought, click on the names below:

Aamina, age 14

Amanda, age 16

Ayan, age 13

Beth, age 15

Elin, age 12

Fariha, age 14

Isha, age 13

Jamie-Leigh, age 16

Kady, age 18

Lauren, age 18

Madeleine, age 15

Rebecca, age 13

Rhys, age 15

Saaraa, age 13

Shauna, age 16

Stefani, age 14

And if you’d like to read an extract from Rosebush, click here.

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