Rebecca's Rosebush Review

Rebecca's Rosebush Review

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Atomic: Rebecca

Age: 13

The moment I first found out about this book I just knew that I wanted to read it. There are three things that attract me to reading books: an amazing book cover, an attention-grabbing title, and a great story blurb—which this perfectly book covered.

Rosebush is full of suspense and mystery. I don’t really read these types of books, seeing as I don’t normally come across them, but this was a fantastic read. If I was with a friend and I found this book on a bookshelf in the library, I would suggest for her to take it out and read it, but I think that this book would appeal more to girls instead of boys.

Michele Jaffe does a wonderful job of describing things like the characters and places. She puts in so much detail it’s unbelievable! While reading the story I felt like I was somewhat a part of it, watching everything acted out while I watched it all behind a two-way mirror.

There were sad bits during the book that made me feel sympathy, and then the happy bits which had me smiling. This page is definitely a page-turner, and at the end of every chapter I just wanted to keep on reading on to find out more.

If you’re a person who is looking for something new to read, then try reading Rosebush, I'm definitely sure you will enjoy it.

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