Publication of Until I Die by Amy Plum… and a YA Panel event at Foyles

Publication of Until I Die by Amy Plum… and a YA Panel event at Foyles

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There’s been a hum of excitement around Atom Towers for the past week – as we have had our favourite American living in France visiting us in London!  Yes, Amy Plum has been over bringing the sweet scent of croissants and Paris’ revenant population with her.  Her visit also marks the publication of Until I Die, the second in Amy’s glamorously gothic revenant series.  Please see below for Amy’s amazing Parisian book trailer.  (Amélie eat your heart out.)

And last night was an especially exciting event in the Atom calendar as not one, but two of our authors took part in a panel event at Foyles in Charing Cross Road.  Alongside fellow YA queens Sara Grant, author of Dark Parties and Ruth Warburton, author of A Witch in Winter, CJ Daugherty and Amy Plum took the floor to tell an eager audience of bloggers, teens and book lovers about their novels, writing and inspiration.  With a nationality ratio of three Americans (CJ, Amy and Sara) to one lone Brit, it felt like a Yankee takeover – and things went with a true swing.

CJ, Ruth, Amy and Sara discuss all things YA
Amy signing
Discussing everything from the isolation of their characters to magic, mythology and superstition, and their favourite reading matter, all areas of an author’s life were dissected, discussed and debated. We even discovered Amy’s highly technical authorial terms: ‘pantser’ (a writer who flies by the seat of their pants and doesn’t map the plot out) or ‘plotter’(the opposite.)  CJ’s a reformed pantser, Ruth and Sara are hybrids, and Amy’s a pantser – only as she reminded us, the correct term when in England is of course a ‘trouserer’.  Book signing and much fevered cross-questioning followed, until the gaggle of unwilling leavers were hustled out at closing time.

Sara & CJ

Until I Die by Amy Plum is published by Atom on the 3rd May 2012, £6.99

Night School by C J Daugherty is published by Atom, £6.99

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