P.C. Cast chats with the Scottish Book Trust

P.C. Cast chats with the Scottish Book Trust

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In January, P.C. Cast headed to Scotland to meet fans and talk about the latest House of Night book, Awakened. If you haven't yet checked out all the event info on the Scottish Book Trust – why not?? They've now added a video of P.C. chatting about how much she enjoyed answering questions and meeting her Scottish readers!

To see it, click here.

There was such a great response from everyone at the events, we thought we'd also share some of the comments (via SBT, thanks!):

"I was really interested when I found out we were going to meet her. They are my favourite books, I have them all." – Lauren G

"I was excited because she’s a well known author and I was getting to meet her and I really like her books. I already have everything except the last 2." Lauren A

"I liked that PC answered our questions rather than rehearsed ones and she talked to me and we laughed a lot. I was very excited to hear there may be a movie. I’d like to have heard her talk more about Rephaim, even though I like Stark better." – Ashley

"Wow she was really energetic and kind! She wandered up and down being real entertaining, it was great, really funny. She didn’t mind us taking her photo and asking her lots of questions." – Charlotte

To see them all, click here.

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