Nightshade Reviews From The Atomics

Nightshade Reviews From The Atomics

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Welcome to the very first outing of the Atomics reviewers! (For more info about how to sign up yourself, click here.)

We chose Nightshade by Andrea Cremer as the first book for the Atomics, and we had an amazing response from those people who were chosen to receive a copy pre-publication. (That's right – our reviewers got a free book, before it even hit the shops!)

Click on a name to see the review! (All the posts are in the Atomics section too…)

Abii, age 14

Alfie, age 12

Aly, age 18

Arjun, age 12

Beth, age 18

Cicely, age 14

Ebun, age 15

Eleanor, age 16

Georgia, age 13

Hanna, age 12

Iffath, age 14

Jodie, age 18

Maryam, age 17 

Sasha, age 14

Taryn, age 15

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