Nightshade Blog Tour: Lucky 13

Nightshade Blog Tour: Lucky 13

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Some people don't like 13, some people think it's unlucky…here at Atom Towers, not so much. We LOVE 13! And we've got a great guest post from Andrea for today's blog stop! It's not about the number 13 though…it's about her writing process!

Whether you're a budding writer or not, it's absolutely fascinating to see how different authors approach writing. For some people it's a job that they stick to for a certain number of hours each day, for others being creative doesn't work like that and they can only write when the mood strikes them…

Click here to head over to where Andrea's chatting with Pewter Wolf!

Today is the last of Andrea's guest posts, *sob*, but you can find all the previous ones on our homepage and you should all check out her blog where she writes brilliant posts all the time!

And come back here on Friday 14th for two VERY exciting things…we're going to announce the winner of our Casting Calla competition (you've got one more day to enter!) and we're going to give you a sneaky peak at Wolfsbane, book two of the series.


Nightshade, by Andrea Cremer, is out now!

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