Nightshade Blog Tour: IT'S HERE!

Nightshade Blog Tour: IT'S HERE!

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It's only the ruddy publication day for Nightshade! Thank goodness eh?! You can now head out to bookshops everywhere and buy yourself a beautiful copy. But because at Atom Towers we're nice kind of folks, the tour will go on!

We want to spread the word about how great this book is so we've got plenty more guest posts from Andrea up our sleeves which will be appearing on blogs far and wide until 14th January. All of them will be announced here of course!

But back to the main event. To celebrate the release of Nightshade (did I already point out that's TODAY?), we've got a brilliant competition for you all:

We want you to cast the main character – Calla!

Hopefully, having seen some of the extracts/bought the book/read Shay's facebook page (he's another character) you'll have an idea of what you think Calla looks like. And also who you think might be able to play her if a film was made of the book. Maybe it's a famous actress, maybe it's some other celebrity!

Whoever you think is right, we want to know! And the person that we most agree with will win a beautiful Nightshade-themed writing journal.

To enter, just go to our facebook page and post a picture of your chosen celebrity in the 'Casting Calla' album.

The closing date is 13th January – for full terms and conditions see here.

Stuck for ideas? Andrea reckons that the Calla in her mind looks a little like Dianna Agron (aka Quinn from Glee) and she posted this picture…

You can see her other thoughts about what a Nightshade movie might look like in this blog post on Andrea's site!

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