Nightshade Blog Tour: 9

Nightshade Blog Tour: 9

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When rockstars reach, erm, stardom, you know how they go off on a WORLD tour? Well turns out Andrea Cremer's a rockstar, because today we're taking her to Australia where she'll be answering The Big Four with Burn Bright blog!

But by the power of the internet (oh, internet, how we love you) you don't need to be anywhere near Australia to get involved! All you have to do, is click here, and you'll be transported to Burn Bright blog. Where, I'm reliably informed, there's no snow…

And then, come back to jolly old Great Britain, where you can enter our facebook competition 'Casting Calla'!

If you've missed any posts from the Blog Tour so far, all the links can be found on our homepage :)

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