Nightshade Blog Tour: 5

Nightshade Blog Tour: 5

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Welcome back to the Nightshade Blog Tour! We're so so SO close to publication now that we can almost touch it (it's tomorrow, by the way…) and to celebrate we've got a fabulous guest post from author Andrea Cremer.

Head over to My Favourite Books blog, where Andrea's busy chatting about werewolf mythology and inspirations or:

Nightshade is not a werewolf book! How a vampire-badge-wearing girl turned to the wolf side…

Oh we heart her. We really really do.

(And also hate her a little…clever and funny and a brilliant writer?! Some people have all the luck  ;P )

Missed the pre-Christmas part of the tour?! Never fear! It can all be found on our homepage, along with the details of the tour stops coming up!

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