Nightshade Blog Tour: 4

Nightshade Blog Tour: 4

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It's Christmas Eve! Whoop!

And today we've got something a bit special up our sleeves… To make up for the fact that today is the last extract we'll be revealing before Nightshade is released, we're also going to introduce you to one of the main characters! It's one of our faves…Shay!

Head over to Once Upon a Bookcase for the fourth extract, and learn all about one of the most intriguing love-interests you'll have read about in a while :)

Author Andrea Cremer and her US publisher were lucky enough to be able to cast a real live Shay before the book came out there! One word: awesome. We'll be posting another bit of Shay related news today; think of it as almost like a Christmas present!

The next stop on the blog tour isn't until the 27th December…we hope you all have a very merry holiday until then! Check our homepage for previous posts, and see here for full details of the tour.

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