Nightshade Blog Tour: 10

Nightshade Blog Tour: 10

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We've reached double digits for the Blog Tour! And today we're stopping¬† by at Book Chick City where Andrea has a fantastic guest post all about where she does her writing…with lots of lovely pics! Click here to go to the blog.

For those of you who have never visited the Book Chick City blog before, there's a fantastic feature called 'Where Stories are Made' which Andrea is taking part in today. The girls at Book Chick City describe it like this:

Where Stories Are Made features a different author each week. It's where the author lets us into their private sanctuary Рthe place they write, whether it be an office, coffee shop or park. They tell us about their daily routine and writing rituals along with a few photos!

Exciting, non?

(And I'd just like to add…best pillow ever.)

And remember, remember to head to our facebook page afterwards where you can enter our 'Casting Calla' competition! All you have to do to enter is post a picture of the celeb you think would be perfect for the character.

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