Night School Reviews from Talia, Zakiya and Josie

Night School Reviews from Talia, Zakiya and Josie

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Read on to see what Talia, Zakiya and Josie thought of Night School by C. J. Daugherty! If you'd like to see more reviews from The Atomics, click here.

Atomic: Talia

Age: 16

Oh, I couldn't wait to read this book when I was offered the chance to read it. I love mystery books so this was right up my street. This book at 453 pages took me about 5 hours to read, as it kept a mainly fast pace and I can't put a book down. We first meet our protagonist Allie – a dysfunctional teenager with a problem – spray painting on her headmaster’s door. The reader – and Allie – is soon chucked into Cimmeria Academy, with the dreamy guys and the twists and turns of the happenings there, especially when… Oops, no spoilers! (Though it burns me up!) There were many a turn that I just didn't expect and some I was left gobsmacked at. Being brutally honest, about 20-30 pages waffled on and I just though "Yawn!" but eventually it picked up again as Daugherty introduced a new plot line with a few new characters. I believe these characters added another dimension of thought to the reader. I would rate this book a good 4* as i believe it is exciting and a mind teaser that happily fits into my already over stuffed bookcase. I leave you with one last thought that when finishing the book I was left totally confused and asking "Where can I get more?"

Atomic: Zakiya

Age: 12

Night School by C.J. Daugherty is a really good book. It has an amazing twist in the middle. 

Also, it's a lovely mix of romance, mystery and horror. 

The way she has written this book is amazing, I love it so much! 

I hope she writes some more books soon! 

Atomic: Josie

Age: 12

This is a good book – I absolutely loved it. It was full of drama, action and romance, there was literally something going on in almost every chapter. Allie discovers new stuff and finds things out about herself that shocks her – like really big things about who she is. At first I thought it would be vampires and stuff like that but it’s really not – just because it doesn't have vampires in though it’s still a totally awesome book! If I saw it in a shop I would definitely get it.  I would say it’s aimed at teens though.

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