Night School Reviews from Gemma, Grace and Shakila

Night School Reviews from Gemma, Grace and Shakila

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Read on to see what Gemma, Grace and Shakila thought of Night School by C. J. Daugherty! If you'd like to see more reviews from The Atomics, click here.

Atomic: Gemma

Age: 14

I really enjoyed this novel, I thought that the conflicting relationships between the three leading characters provided a brilliant story line, with the addition of major twists. I couldn't stop reading it. I thought the whole concept of the book was brilliant, and the way that the story concludes, it makes you just want to keep reading. I haven't stopped reading it since. 5/5, I sure suggest that you buy this book, it is AMAZING, I LOVE IT. 


Atomic: Grace

Age: 14

I enjoyed Night School but the book takes a while to get into. The main character, Allie, was a very believable, realistic and fun person so it’s easy to understand and like her. The only thing I didn’t like about the book is you don’t get much information about the Night School what it is and why it is, although the fact that you don’t know much about Night School gives the book a sense of mystery and you want to read on to find out what happens.  All in all the book is a good read and I would recommend it if you like mysteries and fantasies :)


Atomic: Shakila

Age: 15

When I finished reading Night School, the first thought in my head was “WOW!”  If I could describe Night School in one word, it would be incredible. The story of Allie’s life in a mysterious new school keeps you intrigued at the beginning, gripping during the middle and enthralled at the end.

I was gripped to the book from the start. Daugherty creates a roller coaster of twists and turns. And displays the different stories and lives of the characters.

The way Daugherty displays the settings, emotions and the characteristic of the characters makes it much easier to visualise the story in your head. As a reader, you gain an intimate connection with each character and suddenly become aware of their actions and either love or loathe them. I very much shouted and laughed at the book, because of the many obstacles the characters overcome.

A topic that really stood out for me was romance. Allie comes across two mysterious beautiful guys, and the chemistry she experiences is crazy!  I love how Daugherty keeps you guessing on which guy Allie chooses.

This book is also quite relieving as well; since I haven’t read an amazing Y.A book by a British author in quite a while. I almost lost faith in that, until Night School relieved me of my pessimistic behaviour, since it was absolutely epic. It’s also comforting that the book is set in the U.K, and contains traditional British language. Giving us British readers something to recognise and relate to.

Overall, this book will definitely attract young adults who love paranormal books, like Twilight or The House of Night; although the book isn’t based around a paranormal storyline. However, Daugherty adds the action, horror and romance that are found in successful paranormal books which make this book so intriguing.

My only worry is that I will be very frustrated if this book doesn’t become a hit movie in the future!

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