Night School Reviews From Em, Stephanie and Nina

Night School Reviews From Em, Stephanie and Nina

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Read on to see what Em, Stephanie and Nina thought of Night School by C. J. Daugherty! If you'd like to see more reviews from The Atomics, click here.

Atomic: Em

Age: 16

Unlike most books, Night School is not predictable and each chapter comes with a new surprise. Once you start reading, it's hard to put the book down!

The characters are realistic and I found it really easy to picture them just like they were real, it's easy to fall in love with them and hate them just like characters in most best-sellers. I loved the book and I think anyone who likes books such as The House Of Night series will love this.

The ending is gripping and leaves you wanting more. 

I have, and will, recommend this book to anyone!


Atomic: Stephanie

Age: 13

Night School has to be one of the best books I have read, it has so many twists and cliff hangers at the end of chapters it’s hard to put down. Night School is about a girl called Allie whose brother has run away and she is always in trouble so her mum and dad decide to send her to a boarding school that she has never heard of. At first she hates it but then she makes friends and when you think everything is good and you feel happy for her…IT ALL GOES WRONG, lies are spread, friendships are broken, lives are endangered and Allie’s not sure she belongs there. It’s an amazing book, I would recommend it to anyone.


Atomic: Nina

Age: 14

After her brother runs away and she’s arrested for the third time, Allie Sheridan is shipped off to Cimmeria Academy for a new chance. But everything is odd…there are no traces of the twenty first century, and the rules… who knows why some of them are in place? And then there’s the students… filthy rich Sylvain, bad (or maybe good) boy Carter, mysterious Jo and her boyfriend Gabe. Throw in a headmistress with plenty of secrets she’s trying to keep, and a dead girl at the ball, and soon Allie realises that trust is not going to be easy here at Cimmeria.

If you can’t call this mystery, I’m not sure what you can call it. Although the first bit was a bit boring, once we got to see a bit more of the school, I was guessing and wanting to keep going throughout. And some of these things don’t even get resolved. The titular Night School, we don’t ever find out exactly what they are and what they’re doing. I don’t think there are any paranormal elements, but I’m still not sure. 

There’s the standard stock range of boarding-school types, with the bad boy, the rich one, the prefect, the really horrible girl… and they all had their own personalities. Most of them have something to hide, and new things about them all unfold at various parts of the story, adding depth and unpredictability.

The romance in it was actually done well. Kind of. It was good in that it actually moved the plot along, instead of just being a side story that could be removed without affecting the story at all. The romance with Sylvain was rather central to moving along, both for Allie’s development and to a slightly smaller extent, the general plot.

Allie definitely develops a lot. Along with finding things that maybe she should have left alone, she matures and starts understanding that trust is not something that should come easy.

Overall:  4 out of 5 to a great start to a series full of intrigue. I definitely want to read the next book and see how events will unravel.

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