'May the odds be ever in your favour'

'May the odds be ever in your favour'

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This is going to be brief because I don't want to be that person who spoils your viewing experience. But, guys, THE HUNGER GAMES. Oh Em Actual Gee.

We were super keen and went to the first screening yesterday. And for the sake of you all (because blog posts have to have pictures) Rose took a photo of Maddy and Kate.

And then we got the kindly ticket man to take a photo of we three.

Don't we look like we're having the best time? Well, we were.

We were very excited, but a little bit nervous in case it turned out that they'd messed up one of our favourite series. But it's ok. We LOVED it. And we're cancelling our plans for the weekend so we can re-read all the books. In fact, Rose read half of the first one over breakfast this morning. #TRUEFAN

Initial Responses from the Horses' Mouths:

Rose: ‘I need to re-read the books NOW.  Just reminded me how amazing they are.’

Maddy: ‘That plot is SECOND TO NONE’

Kate: ‘It was… so…emotional’ (after taking a weirdly long time to emerge from the cinema)

We'd love to know if you've got your tickets booked – or what you thought if you've seen it! But NO SPOILERS please, we're into peace, love, and not ruining surprises here at Atom Towers.

(p.s. Hey, Scholastic, if you’re bored of publishing the books, and would like us to take over, that’s ok. Just give us a call and we can sort something out…)

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