Maryam's Nightshade Review

Maryam's Nightshade Review

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Atomic: Maryam
Age: 17

I fell in love with this book from the first page and even more so as I read on!

I have to admit I never thought that Nightshade would be so much different from other books based on werewolves that I have come across. I loved how original the plot was and how it seemed to have stories within itself if that makes sense.

It was such a dramatic, rollercoaster ride of a book that would make anyone feel a whole load of emotions including love and a sense of duty. It made me laugh, cry and gasp in shock over unexpected turns in the story.

The description in this book is amazing. The detail of the characters life and the surroundings they live in make it seem as if it's a place we could visit ourselves after a short plane ride. It's definitely one of those books you can imagine as a film.

Nightshade truly is a glorious book that anyone would enjoy. It's utterly engrossing, thrilling and beautiful. I couldn't put it down. Plus the cover looks absolutely fantastic on a shelf!

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