Madeleine's Rosebush Review

Madeleine's Rosebush Review

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Atomic: Madeleine

Age: 15

When I first received Rosebush I thought that it would be more of a dark romance than a thriller mystery as the front cover is extremely feminine. Although the font ties in with the theme of roses, I think it could have been easier to read, I also think that too many book covers are similar to this so if it were in a shop I doubt I would pick it up.

The book itself follows Jane, a girl who was hit by a car, as she tries to remember what happened to her and if it was actually and accident or whether her friends set it all up.

I thought that the book was clever in the use of characters and plot twists, but I found that I was able to predict what was going to happen at the end of the book due to the unnecessary amount of red-herrings.  I really liked the way the book flipped back and forth between half-formed memories and reality, which created more and more tension as Jane discovered more and more about what happened to her.

I would recommend this book to both girls and boys but only those over the age of 14, as some parts are rather edgy. If you like books with realistic characters in freaky situations, this book is defiantly for you. 

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