Madeleine's Review of Panic

Madeleine's Review of Panic

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Atomic: Madeleine

Age: 15

I was very excited to read Panic! as it seems the sort of book that I would be interested in. I liked the idea that Evan, the main character, wasn't a famous movie star, but that he wanted to make the films. This was unusual as the main characters are often the stars of films.

At first, I couldn't put the book down, but as I delved deeper within the story, I began to lose interest. At the end of every chapter there was the same sort of cliffhanger; "The gun was fired." At first I wanted to know what happened and who got shot, but after awhile I really didn't care if any of the characters got hurt.

Although Evan wasn't trained in martial arts or anything, he seemed to be able to outsmart and overpower any adults who tried to stop him or his friends. I was disappointed at this, because the reason I like Evan at first was because he was just a normal kid.

Overall, I think that the story idea was very good but it went on for too long and the characters could have been a touch more realistic. I would however recommend this book to certain friends of mine who aren't so fussy about characters!

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