Liz's Review of Die For Me

Liz's Review of Die For Me

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Die For Me was an engaging and thrilling book, with a very exciting and fresh premise. I really liked the concept of revenants; it was something I’d never heard of before and it was a fascinating take on immortality. I also found the idea that it was actually addictive for one to risk their life to save another really interesting, because it meant that these people, revenants, chose to live their lives in such a dangerous way, they weren’t forced to, which is another feature that distinguishes this book from others in its genre.

One thing I really loved about this book was its Paris setting. I’ve always wanted to go to Paris; it seems like such a beautiful and historic place, so I was so happy to find out that this was where the action was taking place! The descriptions made me feel like I was really there, walking past the cafés and bookshops, and they also gave a little bit of insight into Parisian life, which I really enjoyed. The main character Kate was also part French, but previously had lived in New York, so it was great to see her thoughts about Paris in comparison to her old life back in Brooklyn. I thought Kate was a good protagonist; she was strong-willed and determined, and she also had a sense of humour which made me smile. My only problem with her is that I felt she cried too much, but I guess it was understandable, considering the situations she was put in.

The relationship between Kate and Vincent progressed quite quickly, and I wish we’d been able to see them get to know each other a little better, but overall, I enjoyed their interaction, and I liked how Kate’s perseverance to help Vincent paid off in the end. Another character I really liked was Jules, because he was just so funny and always knew how to cheer Kate up with his jokes and cheeky attitude.

The book was well-paced, and the scenes I enjoyed most were the ones where we learned the background of the characters and how they became revenants. I felt a certain scene towards the end was slightly predictable, but I don’t think it took anything away from the story, and I still liked reading it (it was action-packed!). In conclusion, I really enjoyed reading Die For Me, and would recommend it for anyone who enjoys a good mixture of romance, action and supernatural. I’m looking forward to reading the sequel!

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