Leading the (virtual) pack, 5 – Michele Jaffe, James Phelan and Libba Bray

Leading the (virtual) pack, 5 – Michele Jaffe, James Phelan and Libba Bray

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I can't quite believe that we've reached the end of our author sites, but here we have the final three Atom authors we'd like you to take a look at! Hopefully we'll sign up some lovely new additions in the not too distant future, so keep an eye out for more site recommendations later in the year :)

Michele Jaffe is another new author for Atom, whose twisty, almost-murder mystery, Rosebush, is out next March. She has a fantastic advice section which manages to be absolutely hilarious as well as proving that she is the perfect agony aunt.

James Phelan (voted one of Australia’s 50 most eligible bachelors by Cleo Magazine, just thought you should know) is the creator of the Alone series, about teenagers surviving in a zombie-infested New York. The first book is out in the UK next May, but, until then, keep yourself entertained with his blog!

Libba Bray’s series, The Diviners, may not be out until 2012, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want you to fall in love with her now!

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