Leading the (virtual) pack, 4 – Lisi Harrison and Andrea Cremer

Leading the (virtual) pack, 4 – Lisi Harrison and Andrea Cremer

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And it goes on! We're back to just two authors for the fourth part of our author-site special; this time we're looking ahead to some upcoming authors we're really excited about.

We’re feeling super lucky to now have Lisi Harrison on our list, whose new series, Monster High, is out in September. That’s right – SEPTEMBER! Check out her blah-g, where she recently leaked the prologue of the first book … because as she says, "sharing is scaring" (we love this gal).

Andrea Cremer is a big new author for Atom’s 2011 list. We publish her fantastic debut novel, Nightshade, in January and we can’t wait! We'd say that Andrea has done the same for werewolves as Stephenie did for vampires, but that would be far too cliched, right? But whatever, you're in for a treat! (Also, in her blog, she just admitted to loving the World Cup, so she’s clearly a girl after our own hearts in more ways than one … the one being loving YA, obviously.)

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