Leading the (virtual) pack, 2 – Melissa de la Cruz and Kelley Armstrong

Leading the (virtual) pack, 2 – Melissa de la Cruz and Kelley Armstrong

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Welcome to part two of our special feature on author websites! Not that we want you to stop reading our own site (obviously) but we'd love you to check out these too… you can never spend too much time on the Internet, right??

Melissa de la Cruz is the creator of the Blue Bloods series and as her site shows, she’s a true Manhattan fashionista! (Well, she may have moved to LA now, but we reckon she’s still a New Yorker at heart.) We love that her news is called ‘Mel’s shopping diary’. But we love more that she shares all her personal ups and downs of life, love, and managing her word-count!

Kelley Armstrong is the author of the Darkest Powers series, which is currently published by Orbit (our sister imprint – lots of very cool adult sci-fi and fantasy, check it out!) but which we’re nicking for (ahem, moving to) Atom in the New Year. Kelley has a blog as well as a website specifically for her YA series, which is packed full of info about the books and the characters, and is the best possible way to get to know the series…besides the books themselves of course!

If you haven't checked out part one of  'leading the (virtual) pack' then take a look at previous posts. There'll be another instalment coming your way very soon too :)

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